Steps to Less Stress and a Mindset of Success



Sometimes life can be stressful and it can seem hard to manage. However there are some simple ways to alleviate that with just a few mindset techniques. Here are some principles I personally use to keep myself in a positive state that's conducive to to my goals and overall well-being.

1.   Have SMART Goals In-Your-Face

Your goals need to be formatted smartly. Meaning Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Oriented. Also have a way to measure or assess when you’ve accomplished them. For example, “I’m going to sell 5 units of product by the end of the week by midnight.” Regardless, if you make the goal, you need to make it happen and believe that it’s possible. If you’re goals are so big you’re not coming close to achieve them, it may be important to re-assess the time element or the goal. For example- becoming an Olympic Swimmer by next summer might not be very realistic for someone who doesn’t swim that often. Not only that, but you need to be reminded of your goals EVERY day. Have it on your vision board, phone background, in your morning meditation, posted up in y our kitchen, etc. By thinking about it and making steps towards reaching it every day and you will be successful in achieving it, while feeling more fulfilled. BUT Remember that you still have to take massive action and believe you can achieve it!

2.      Be on the Cause Side of the Equation

In life there’s two sides of the equation. Cause > Effect. It’s always better to be on the Cause side, in control of your emotions and taking responsibility for your actions and situations you put yourself in, along with your environment and the people you surround yourself with. You can choose to be a victim of your circumstances or you can step up and take ownership of your life. You may not control everything that happens to you but you can at least control how you choose to react to it. For everything life throws at us there’s usually an opportunity to learn and grow from it.

3.      Remember Perception = Projection

Your unconscious doesn’t recognize emotions it can’t relate to. The things you might perceive that irritate or upset you are subtle signs from your unconscious of things you may need to resolve or work on. Have a coworker whose messy desk bothers you? Where can you find in your life things are messy? How can you find a resolution for solving that problem? For unwarranted or irrational emotion there’s always something to assess.

4.      Know that having time has to do with having boundaries.

If you’re feeling like you have no time, it’s time to set boundaries. Who or what is taking up some of your time that doesn’t need to be? Are you watching T.V.? Engaged in unproductive meetings? Are you mindlessly scrolling social media? What are you doing in your life that is inefficient? Could you meal prep one or two nights of the week to save time spent cooking? Set up your schedule in advance and plan the most important things each week that have to get done. And then do not reschedule them unless you absolutely have to, but still make sure those things happen in the week. Outsource the small tasks that take up too much of your time if need be. You can always have more time, but you have to commit to scheduling it and then making it happen.

5.      Schedule time for Self-Care

It’s going to be vital that you take time for yourself to de-stress and center, and focus on your goals and intentions each day. Live intentionally so that your schedule doesn’t fall victim to randomness. Also, move your body! I don’t care what it is, make some time for exercise. Whether it’s walking or rock climbing, exercise is a TREAT, not a chore. It’s a chance to completely remove yourself from technology and the world and give time back to yourself and honoring your glorious body. It’s an oasis for your mind. Take advantage! No one can get mad at you for missing their calls because you were focusing on your health and wellness. Take care of yourself so that others don’t have to take care of you, and you can be a better person overall. The positive benefits from exercise and mindfulness are only going to trickle down into all other aspects of your life.

Now go write those goals, create that dream schedule, and make it happen! 😊

Feel free to contact me if you need help or have any questions!