What Gets Better Results? Hating or Loving Your Body?


In this day and age, there are tons of different methods to get weight loss results and healthier habits. However, there’s never a lack of fear tactics and a bombardment of confusing new information constantly popping up. Is fear of gaining weight and hating your body the most effective means of achieving your goals? Or is there a better way?

After being on both sides of the equation I believe loving your body is a more effective means for long-term results. In my coaching, I guide my clients to operate from a place of self-love. The reason for this is as follows.

The last day of my NLP, TLT, and Hpt Training I felt an immense amount of love for myself. We had eliminated my negative emotions, in-congruent parts, fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs about myself and my body. I felt like a new woman and had self-confidence I had never felt before.

This love for myself fed my motivation to only put the purest foods into my perfect body. It inspired me to celebrate my amazing self with exercise.

I’ve operated on both ends of the spectrum- using exercise as a punishment for gaining weight and eating too much versus eating well because I loved myself, and exercising to celebrate my life and capabilities. And I will tell you- life is much more enjoyable when you’re operating out of self-love instead of fear- out of celebration, gratitude and happiness instead of hatred, dissatisfaction, and disgust. The first brought more guilt, doubt, fear, pain, despair, sadness, and resentment. The latter brought joy, confidence, strength, gratitude, and peace.

That’s why I’m committed to offering the same for my clients. We do the work to eliminate those unresolved emotions so they can feel that self-love and respect for themselves. And when they create those consistent habits of operating out of celebrating their life and feeling great by all the clean foods they’re eating, they stay motivated for longer without feelings of resentment. They learn to listen to their bodies and gain confidence which only fuels even more positive actions moving forward.

That’s why you’ll never hear me use scare tactics or fat-shaming to gain clients. Because it simply does not work. Feeling shameful and embarrassed is only going to cause more stress which can keep you in the never-ending loop of the binge and restrict cycle.

It’s when you focus on the positive benefits you’re looking for and treat your body with love, gratitude, and respect that you can stay motivated to keep taking healthy action long term.

And if you can’t see how that’s possible, then talk to me. Because I have the tools to help you. And if you’re motivated to take action and transform your life, if you’re motivated to make the leap, I will grab both your arms and pull you up to the next level.

Let’s do this.


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